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Yo. My name is Calum. My hobbies are soccer, mountian biking and swimming. My best friend is Jan Karmann. Please comment on my posts. Thanks.

Whangarei Heads School Trip

On the 28th of July a group of year 6 students went to Whangarei Heads School to share the way they learn and find out the way they learn. They asked students from Whangarei Heads School several questions on how they track their learning and [...]

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Winter sports

Do you like sports? If yes, this is for you. Lately the senior school went to winter sports. They got to choose a sport to compete in. There was the choice of soccer, ripper rugby, netball, basketball, hockey and table tennis. This year there was a [...]

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Tri-kids triathlon

Faster, Faster, Faster. In February the whole school went out to the field and got into year levels and boys and girls. The seniors, middles and juniors/upper juniors were all on different days. First they did a warm up and went to the water slide [...]

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White Ferns V England

Do you like cricket? If yes, then this is for you... The senior team got to go to the White Ferns vs England cricket game! Earlier on in the week Katie Perkins and Georgia Guy (two players from New Zealand cricket team) came out to [...]

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E.E. Amazing Race.

Room 1.a's first clue. Ready, set, go! On Monday the 8th of September 5 -6 people from the senior school classes got chosen to represent their class in the E.E amazing race. The competitors had to have the skills of teamwork, critical thought and [...]

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What season is it?

  Do you love the all of the adorable little babies being born and looking sooooo cute? If you do, then this is the ideal article for you. The reason why all animals are born in Spring is because of the high air [...]

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The Predictor

A new reading response is here, The Predictor. It's the latest reading response yet! Room 1 students Noah Barton-smith and Calum Coenra came up with this astounding idea. They did this to give evidence for their learning stages because they had no way of showing they could do [...]

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Safiya’s bird house

This is Safiya holding the bird house she built. It all started with E.E leader Nellie asking the upper juniors if they wanted to make a bird house. But they would have to bring the equipment needed to build the bird house. The [...]

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Environmental Education Leaders

Safiya from Room 16 with the bird house she prepared to make at school with her dad There are new leaders for E.E!!!  E.E. is lead by 19 responsible seniors from Room 1 to Room 4. There are all different types of activities like [...]

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Onerahi Swimming Champions!

On the 18th of March 2014, 18 wicked fast swimmers from Onerahi Primary School went to Whangarei Intermediate to compete against 15 other hard working zones for swimming. They all went there to compete against the best swimmers from Whanagrei primary school's.  Before they competed they  had [...]

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