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Road Patrol

“Signs out” calls one person, “Check, clear and cross now”.  Road Patrol is something that the dedicated Year 6’s do in this school. Road patrol helps children and their parents cross the road safely on the busy main road. They go on patrol every morning [...]

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Swimming Sports

Bang! Splash! There goes the clapper, they're off racing to the end of the pool and back. Swimming season is here and a few weeks ago we had senior swimming sports. There was backstroke,freestyle, breaststroke and even a few fun races. Many kids competed in [...]

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Swim 4 Life

Splashing about learning how to survive during currents, rips and just calm water too. Because some of us still struggle with swimming we have  had two wonderful swim 4 life teachers. Their names are Laura and Jen. For the past few weeks they have been [...]

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