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Do you like hockey?… If you do this is for you. Josie has been at Onerahi School to help students and teach them the basics of hockey. The basics of hockey that students learned were: pushing the ball with a hockey stick, trapping the ball with a hockey stick and ignore distractions while playing.

She made the experience really fun by stealing the students stuff and putting it on other people. Josie made the Onerahi students do the Macarena, freeze while doing something and laugh. Some students persevered really well and made it to the end and won points for their team while others were laughing there heads off.

Josie did a very good job at teaching the students how to play hockey some students didn’t know how to play. After Josie’s lesson they learnt the basics of hockey. When the lesson ended the girls had to sing ‘Let it go’ and the boys had to do the Haka.

  1. What did Josie make the students do?20160812_094451 (2)
  2. How did the students win a point?
  3. What did Josie teach the students?