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My name is Amara and I am a year six my favourite things to do are horse riding gymnastics and swimming. I like onerahi primary and my teachers.

The schools Olympic day

Last term, the school had their very own Olympics. Everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to some of the kids from room 18 for making the event happen. They made it fun and included everyone. We were put into teams and represented a country. Then we all [...]

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The celebration of Matariki

Have you heard about Matariki? Did you know that the Matariki celebration has been happening these last few weeks? If you get up at dawn you may be able to see the Matariki star cluster. The Matariki star cluster is known as the Seven Sisters or [...]

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Road Patrol

STOP! Make sure it's clear before you cross the road. Year six students from Onerahi Primary have been out at the front and back gate to make sure you can cross the road safely. Just watch out for people in bright orange vests. Road patrolers [...]

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Olympic Week

Onerahi School students from Rooms 19, 20 and 21 have gathered together to learn about the Olympic Games being held in Rio 2016. Many students have learnt lots, mainly about gymnastics, cycling and running. Students  have been busy measuring out  the track needed for the [...]

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