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On the 18th of March 2014, 18 wicked fast swimmers from Onerahi Primary School went to Whangarei Intermediate to compete against 15 other hard working zones for swimming.

They all went there to compete against the best swimmers from Whanagrei primary school’s.  Before they competed they  had extra sessions at lunchtimes and the Aquatic Centre. Onerahi Primary has never had as many students get through to the championships unitl now. This year,  they had help from Oma from O.P.S. and Rhonda from Swim for Life. They are both qualified swimming instructors.

Everyone got to compete in at least one stroke which was the one that they came 1st or 2nd in at our school swimming sports. They had to be the best in their year to get to the swimming sports championships.

In the paractice sessions Oma from OPS reminded the team to “remember to exhale under the water when swimming freestyle, always kick fast with nice long legs and make long arm strokes. With backstroke keep chin pointing to the sky and long legs, fast kicks and long arms. With breaststroke make sure you have a rest at the end of your arm stroke.”

One Student Quinn from Room 1 said, ” I enjoyed that everyone had fun and had at least one chance to join in.”


by Calum Room 1.A