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Congratulations to the following entrants who won in their category of the Cabu! Factor:

Year 1 & 2

1st Place Liam in Room 8
2nd Place Zoe in Room 15
3rd Place Jack in Room 12






Year 3 & 4

1st Place Lucy in Room 18 / Tarquala in Room 19
2nd Place Madison in Room 16
3rd Place Ryan in Room 18






Year 5 & 6

1st Place Nathan in Room 1
2nd Place Logan in Room 3
3rd Place Shazei in Room 3





Congratulations to you all!

Prizes will be given out at assembly next week, Friday 28th September, plus we will draw out the winners of our Voters prizes.

See you all then!

Leesa @ Cabu! 🙂