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imageA new reading response is here, The Predictor. It’s the latest reading response yet!

Room 1 students Noah Barton-smith and Calum Coenra came up with this astounding idea. They did this to give evidence for their learning stages because they had no way of showing they could do that reading skill. It was all done in one of their lunch times. To do this reading response you need to complete four different boxes, Word (where you write what the word your stuck), Guess (your guess off what the word means), When I read on (your guess of the word when you’ve read on to the end of the sentence) and Media Definition ( you get a some sort of media and find out what the word means).

  Room 1 student Ella said, ” It gives you another learning opportunity to know what the meaning of a word is that you are wanting.”

Hope this helps you with your reading skills.

By  Calum Coenra.