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I am a reporter from The Onerahi Beacon.I am in year 6

W.I.S Band

Boom,Bang,Boom On Friday the 5th of July, Whangarei Intermediate School came to Onerahi Primary School with their band called the W.I.S Band. They shared many songs including The Cup Song, Impossible, and Rolling in the Deep. They also had a competition where students  [...]

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The Brand New Turf Courts!!!

Remember the concrete courts on a hot summers day? Well guess what? We've got new Tiger Turf © courts. Earlier this year some Turf installers came to our school and laid down Turf.So us kids would have a better time and a safer environment.  Mr Koberstein (Principal) wanted [...]

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Eclipse occurs over Onerahi

Ahhh! It burns my eyes! Its the solar eclipse!On the 13th and 14th of November 2012 a solar eclipse occurred as the moon passed over the sun. The whole school gathered round the court to see why it had suddenly gone dark. Room 20 and [...]

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3,2,1, Bang, the juniors were off on their exciting cross-country. On the 12th of September 2012 the junior school had their spectacular cross-country at Onerahi Primary School. Jake from Room 15 said " I sprinted at the start." William from Room15 said " I felt [...]

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The Nukes

On Thursday 18th of October 2012, The Nukes came to Onerahi Primary School. They sang their own original songs about different places and subjects, such as "worms" and the Coromandel. The Nukes are a three piece group ,the people in the group are; Country Boy [...]

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