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Room 1.a’s first clue.

Ready, set, go! On Monday the 8th of September 5 -6 people from the senior school classes got chosen to represent their class in the E.E amazing race.

The competitors had to have the skills of teamwork, critical thought and speed. The competitors had to find the first clue, read the question, find the answer and take a picture of the clue  for proof. When they had finished all the questions , they came to the library to show the evidence. They did this to win a trophy for their class. The team that took home the trophy was room 3.

This brilliant event was run by Nellie, Calum, Calem, Noah, Ryan and Paige, also with a bit of help from Mrs Arkwright. The E.E leaders had to work out sort of hard questions, then hide them. Next the E.E leaders had to set up the library for prize giving, Then they had to out the trophy and certificates.  All this fantastic stuff happened in the butterfly garden.

  E.E leader Calem says ” I like how everyone competed and how everyone worked as a team”.

What an amazing event. Do you think you could have won it?

By Calum