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On Thursday 18th of October 2012, The Nukes came to Onerahi Primary School.

They sang their own original songs about different places and subjects, such as “worms” and the Coromandel.

The Nukes are a three piece group ,the people in the group are; Country Boy Ben , Snapper the bango-lele player and David the bass ukelele player. They have been playing for almost five years. Their home town is Auckland. Ben is also a drummer and he recently appeared at the New Zealand Music Awards drumming for Gin Wigmore. They tour around New Zealand making kids smile with their singing and playing.

Milan from Room 20 said, that his favourite instrument is the acoustic ukulele and he also liked the contest of who could strum the fastest.


After their concert, The Nukes treated a group of budding ukulele players to a special lunchtime workshop.

If you want to know more about the nukes here is the link to their website.

By Maddy Rm20 and Tyla Rm20

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