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courtsRemember the concrete courts on a hot summers day? Well guess what? We’ve got new Tiger Turf © courts.

Earlier this year some Turf installers came to our school and laid down Turf.So us kids would have a better time and a safer environment.

 Mr Koberstein (Principal) wanted to put the Turf in “Because we had a large court area in front of the school that needed repairing. The surface wasn’t very good because it was all cracked, we also needed the Turf courts so we could play on it on any weather.It will also be very easy to play on because if you fall over it wouldn’t be so bad plus if you fell over on the concrete courts it would be bad on your knees .For assembly we can be able to sit down without burning ourselves”. We also asked him the cost “The cost was thousands of dollars,it costs the same as if we repaired the concrete”.

Nat Young said that It’s good to play sports on. “I like to play tennis and handball”.

The courts are proving to be a great addition to our school environment.

By Maddy J & Katie P