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On Friday the 5th of July, Whangarei Intermediate School came to Onerahi Primary School with their band called the W.I.S Band. They shared many songs including The Cup Song, Impossible, and Rolling in the Deep. They also had a competition where students  got picked to do ” The Dougie.” Whoever did the best got some chocolate, but of course everyone that did “The Dougie” got one each.

There were many kids that were from Onerahi in the past in the W.I.S band. Deputy Principal, Richard Jones says, “It is fantastic to see so many ex-Onerahi students in the W.I.S band”

The students watching were very entertained.  The band played  all the way through to snack but the kids didn’t really mind.  There were only supposed to be seniors watching,   but because it went through snack the juniors and middles came for a wee peek.

Katie and I were lucky enough to interview one of our very own ex-Onerahi students, Guitar player Trent Wirihana.  “I started playing guitar because my dad started playing guitar too, I joined the W.I.S band because all my mates were doing it and so I can show what I can do with music”

If you ever get to check out the W.I.S Band, I’m sure you will like it too.

Written by MaddyJ. Photographs by KatieP

(If you would like too watch a bit of what they performed just click on the picture below)

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