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Ahhh! It burns my eyes! Its the solar eclipse!On the 13th and 14th of November 2012 a solar eclipse occurred as the moon passed over the sun. The whole school gathered round the court to see why it had suddenly gone dark. Room 20 and Room 3 decided to make special tubes to see the solar eclipse through. The tubes were black paper rolled up into a cylinder with a pin hole at the end for looking through. The aim was to point it at the eclipse and the moon would show up in the tube inside.

Room 3 student Maria said, “When I looked through the tube I made, I saw a little white round thing at the bottom, I think it was the Moon.”

Another student from Room 2 Rasheed said, “When I saw the eclipse through my friend Gary’s glasses it looked awesome.”

Make sure you see it in 2028 otherwise it wont happen for another 16 years!

By Milly and Maddie.