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Have you wondered why people are making a new pathway between Onerahi and the city?

There is  construction happening where people usually walk or bike,  turning it into a pathway for cyclists and pedestrians to get to town or Onerahi. They are making the pathway because it was dangerous for everyone as it was narrow and uneven. It is also being built to reduce the pollution from vehicles and to encourage people to be more active. The pathway hooks up to the Hatea Loop which is a popular walking track around the Town Basin.

Onerahi School students think it’s going to help those who like walking or biking long distances by providing a wide even pathway and improving the safety.

Room 18 student Brianna said, “I think it’s really going to help the community because it will get more people outside doing active things and possibly taking their children out.”

Room 21 student Marita said, “I think that the new walkway is a new part of the community and will help people walk safely and cyclists riding their bikes will be very safe. It will also help people get fit.”

It won’t be long till the people of the community will be biking and walking on the new pathway and will be having so much fun while doing it. Onerahi students and the community can’t wait until the new path is done.