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Do you have dry lips, burns or sore cuts? KawaKawa balm might just be the thing for you!

KawaKawa balm is made with the finest kawakawa leaves from the gardens of Onerahi School, the best olive oil and beeswax from the school beehive. It is tenderly made by the hands of the students and packaged by them in attractive jars.

Onerahi School KawaKawa Balm can be purchased from the school market for $8.00.

KawaKawa leaf is a traditional Maori medicine.  Kawakawa leaves can soothe tooth aches and be used on skin complaints. WOW! That’s amazing!

So come down to the Onerahi school market on Fridays to get YOUR very own Onerahi School KawaKawa Balm.

this is what the KawaKawa balm looks like.

Onerahi School KawaKawa Balm