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Do you want to know what’s happening in  Onerahi Primary’s edible forest?

The EE group and the guardians of the garden have been doing a very good job looking after the school’s garden.  The EE group is a group of students willing to give up their lunch time to look after the garden.The leader is Paige and there is about 12 people in the group. They meet every Thursday at lunchtime. The guardians of the gardens is a different class every week who look after the garden. They include weeding the garden and watering the plants.

Something else is happening in the edible forest at the moment. This is the book hunt run by Maddy, Asher and Maia. They have hidden books in the edible forest – one for juniors, middles and for the seniors. If you find a book you read it, write a summary then return to Maddy, Asher or Maia to win a prize.

There is a lot of  fruit and plants in the edible forest from mandarins to a lavender patch, from broccoli to a Kauri tree planted in remberence of Mr Jones. Kids love to play in there at lunch time. Sasha, a student in room 21 said she likes how colourful it is.

Come and have a look at this great garden.