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Is your child coming to grips with head lice? Then go check your hair, your child’s hair and your whole family’s hair.

If you do find nits please treat, because if you don’t more nits will brees, and if you get too close to people then they will get the nits.

Room 18 student Brianna says “I think nits are bad because when you start itching you know that something is in your hair.”

Room 21 student Fiona says “I think people should be aware of head lice because head lice feeds on the blood in your scalp”

If you have long hair please tie your hair up, to try to prevent head lice.

Nits are becoming a really  problem in the school because when someone catches it, lots of people get it.

Thank you to all who have checked their hair. You can get free head lice treatment at the office thanks to the PTA.