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Zoom! Here comes a logging truck at full speed just as a small child and her mother dart across the road. The truck is advancing on them as they reach the middle of the road. The truck is speeding towards them, I can’t watch anymore so I squeeze my eyes shut.

Does this sound like your kind of road? I think not. So that’s why there are Road Patrollers. Road Patrollers are a group of year six students who help you cross the road.

Not only do they miss out on playing with their friends in the morning, they also miss out on some learning time because they have to leave class before the end of the day. Onerahi Primary School student Jordyn from room 21 said “Road Patrol is a great idea because it means no children get run over when they try and cross the road.” The road patrol is a great success and has been for years.

Another new addition is the one minute parking. Phoebe from room 20 says “It is a good idea because it means more parents can drop their children and there won’t be as many late children to school because their parents won’t be held up,” So far the one minute parking has been a huge success with more children getting into school earlier.

Both these are very helpful outside of the school.


By Kyah Young