Welcome to Onerahi Primary School Website

Onerahi School is in the suburb of Onerahi, which is surrounded by the beautiful shores of the Whangarei harbour. Onerahi is a large community with an extensive shopping centre with a wide range of shops and services. Just off the shore of Onerahi is Limestone / Matakohe Island which the school has adopted as a key focus in the environmental programme we run at school.

Onerahi School is staffed by a fantastic group of talented, highly skilled teachers and support staff who are committed and enthusiastic about ensuring children are provided with the best environment for the most effective learning to take place.

We have a range of programmes and policies in our school that support us in our goal of ensuring the children of Onerahi are able to enjoy a happy safe and stimulating learning environment.

Our vision is that Together We Shape our Future and as members of a school community, we endeavour to be Thoughtful, Creative, Inspired, Learners.

This website will keep you informed about what is happening at Onerahi School, but we also want to be able celebrate with you some of many our successes and experiences. Enjoy your visit to our website.

Gerald Koberstein