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Road Patrol

STOP! Wait for the cars to slow down and make sure you cross safely . Some Year Six Students at Onerahi School are making sure it’s safe for you to go across the road.The Year Six Students that are doing Road Patrol will be wearing [...]

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Life long learners ?

   Life long learners?  Clap clap clap! At Onerahi Primary School awards are presented every Friday at assembly so students and teachers can celebrate what a student has achieved in their learning. Teachers also give the awards because the students have shown the use of the [...]

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The schools Olympic day

Last term, the school had their very own Olympics. Everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to some of the kids from room 18 for making the event happen. They made it fun and included everyone. We were put into teams and represented a country. Then we all [...]

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Hockey At Onerahi School

Do you like hockey?... If you do this is for you. Josie has been at Onerahi School to help students and teach them the basics of hockey. The basics of hockey that students learned were: pushing the ball with a hockey stick, trapping the ball [...]

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2016 Olympics

On Friday the 5th of August 2016 the Olympics took place in Rio de Janeiro, there were 28 events and 207 nations that competed. The Olympics happen every four years so the last one was  in London 2012. The first Olympics happened in Greece 776 there [...]

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Tri-Kids At Onerahi Primary

Hi! Lately Mavis, Nigel and Joan have come to Onerahi Primary with their big truck full of equipment like bikes, helmets, tape, and flags help the students train for the exciting Tri-kids triathlon. Mostly all of the kids were excited and happy. They taught the [...]

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The celebration of Matariki

Have you heard about Matariki? Did you know that the Matariki celebration has been happening these last few weeks? If you get up at dawn you may be able to see the Matariki star cluster. The Matariki star cluster is known as the Seven Sisters or [...]

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Onerahi School’s Chinese

Recently Ada, a Mandarin Learning Assistant has been coming into Onerahi School and teaching  students Chinese language and culture. Ada is from Guangdong and is teaching students from different schools  in Whangarei for a year. Ada has been teaching students things like how to say, "Ni [...]

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Onerahi Primary’s ANZAC Assembly

At the end of term 1, there was an ANZAC assembly that was held at Onerahi Primary School. Onerahi School celebrates this because they want to respect the people who fought in war for New Zealand.  There were three men who had once experienced war. [...]

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Whangarei’s winter sports tournament!

The year five's and six's primary school  winter sports tournament took place on the 8th of June at Kensington park. All schools competed  in basket ball, hockey, gymnastics, table tennis, Netball, rippa rugby and soccer. The purpose of the day was to play with other schools [...]

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