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STOP! Make sure it’s clear before you cross the road.

Year six students from Onerahi Primary have been out at the front and back gate to make sure you can cross the road safely. Just watch out for people in bright orange vests.

Road patrolers would like to make sure that you are safe and know how to cross properly. They would also like  you to wait until they say “Cross now”. Please treat them with the respect they deserve, because they give up their mornings and afternoons to make sure you cross the road properly and safely.

For future students that want to become road patrolers you will need to make sure that you have these skills: A loud voice, confidence, time management and respect for others.

Road patroler Brianna says, “It’s a great opportunity to take on and I think the Year fives will enjoy it next year. I would like to thank Constable Ian and Constable Toni for coming and teaching Year six students the skills for road patrol.”

At the front gate there will be road patrolers in the morning from 8:30 to 8:50 and in the afternoon from 2:55 to 3:10. Wardens are on the back gate in the afternoons only.

All the road patrollers would like to thank Mrs MacGregor for helping us.

Being a road patroler is great!


These are some of the road patrolers that want to make sure you’re safe.