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Onerahi School students from Rooms 19, 20 and 21 have gathered together to learn about the Olympic Games being held in Rio 2016.

Many students have learnt lots, mainly about gymnastics, cycling and running.

Students  have been busy measuring out  the track needed for the 100 metre sprints, doing relays around the school track using the bikes and performing a gymnastics show in front of their classes. They have also been making medals for the winners and learning about some countries competing in the Olympics.

Not only was this fun, but this was a great way to improve their confidence and skills in languages and maths as well.

Room 21 student Stacey says, “The Olympic Week was fun. Everybody enjoyed doing gymnastics. Before we started our Olympics, we held the opening ceremony. We all made country flags and walked around the court waving them on film. Everyone sat down while we had the officials standing up to greet us to the Olympics while we released balloons.

” Let the games begin.”

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